Matt and Julie Auclair

Matt started dancing at the tender age of 8, and, after much poking and prodding from his family, he finally decided to give it a try. Matt’s dance career started as a family affair, he learned from his parents, brothers and close family friends.

Matt, with his Perseverance and competitive nature, went on to compete in the country’s most prestigious competitions. Matt has competed with several partners and won multiple competitions. As a junior dancer, Matt won the Junior Division, the US Open 4 times, Cabaret Division. The first time Matt was allowed to, dance up, into the adult division, he and Maryann Nunez won the Champions’ Strictly Swing Division. Matt is a 6-time national West Coast Swing Dance Champion. Matt was also the youngest person to ever be inducted into the Dallas Dance Hall of Fame.

Not only is Matt a superb instructor, having taught children and adults alike all over the world but he is an amazing father to a young lady named, Lily, who also shares his passion for dancing!

Matt’s true occupation is a 4th grade school teacher. He feels that because he is a teacher it makes him capable of breaking down his lessons in an easy fun way. Matt now teaches and competes all across the nation and the world with his wife, Julie. They each have numerous titles. Both Matt and Julie are excited to be back teaching and dancing at the Swingin’ Boogie Bash